Translation Service

Translation Services

Working papers, documentations, conference speeches, publishing thesis, academic materials, scientific research achievements, tutoring plans, academic works, literary works, books, patents, legal contracts, prospectuses, notaries, webpage and technical materials.

Professional Sectors

Economics, management, law, literature, philosophy, sociology, education, arts, advertising, media, medicine, pharmacy, physics, chemistry, architecture, transportation, mechanics, engineering, computer, communication, electronics, fashion design etc.


Writing & Translation Service

Professional writing and translation for business plans, business promotions, marketing plans, market surveys, enterprise management, consultancy reports, industry consultancy reports, financial analysis reports, audit statements, evaluation reports, notaries, legal writs, documents concerning application for overseas studies, immigration materials, V.C., resumes, PS, recommendation letters.

Language Services

Language scope: Chinese either in Traditional or Simplified, English, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Thai, Taglog, Greek, Dutch, Philippine, Malay, Romanian, etc.