I would like to say that Asian Trans World provides us with the best quality localization and translation services, excellent price, terms and delivery.
Asian Trans World localizes and translates our training and marketing content as well as our website into Asian languages.
They spent lots of time to understand our processes, target audience, and learn our industry-specific terminology and glossary. They listen to us well, ask specific questions and take initiative in suggesting better methods and services.

They have consistently performed at a high level of quality and go above and beyond contract requirements to provide excellent services. We sincerely appreciate all your efforts. Thanks ATW!

It was a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you in the future. I wish to express my appreciation and praise for the services offered by ATW. I have been involved with them for almost four years and the working experiences are great. I would highly recommend your service to other counterparts.

Without exception, I am always greeted by a friendly staff from Asian Trans World, the work is always done on time and the quality is the best we have seen. No matter what language I need, the service is always the same.

From the president to the receptionist, I am always made to feel like a special friend, while getting the best quality product I can find.

We have had a relationship with ATW for over 5 years and have found the service to be excellent, both in reliability and cost effectiveness.

We particularly appreciate their expertise with technical terms and the subtleties of regional language differences. The staff is always open to accommodating specific requirements. I highly recommend ATW. Thank you for the translated Korean and Japanese projects. The client has passed it on to their agency to read through and they remarked that it was flawless!! I love that. So, good job. Thanks!

Asian Trans World is a very dedicated company which rises up to any challenge. Their translators have a wide range of knowledge and background. Their translations quality is very satisfactory. I have had some chances to work with them and they are very respectful, dedicated, always keeping in mind the specific timeframes and delivery schedules. Everything gets done right the first time. I highly recommend them for any of your projects in all the language combinations offered.

Thank you for the speedy delivery of the translation! Makes ordering a pure pleasure. We want to thank you … for your reliable and brilliant cooperation. ATW was highly recommended when we sought a translation firm to prepare our courses. We are completely satisfied with their services and our ongoing relationship with ATW.

Working with ATW has been a truly rewarding experience. From the first phone call that I made, I’ve been treated with a great deal of attention and concern for my projects. Promises have been upheld EVERY TIME, and I’ve been kept notified on the progress of my projects at all times.

The folks at ATW are not just business associates, but friends. It was such a pleasure to work with ATW’s professionalism, anticipation of potential problems and timely delivery of finished product all resulted in an excellent translation. We fully intend to maintain and develop this relationship across future translation projects.