Asian Trans World (ATW) is a professional Asian language services provider, founded in Canada, 2007. With the dedication to produce high-quality translation, multilingual desktop publishing and enterprise localization services, we are the first choice for Asian Languages.

As a professional translation services company, our commitment to high quality is result in our strict selection of professional translators and our unique 4-step process. We provide quick translation services in almost all Asian languages and are considered an expert website localization company, technical manual translation company, financial translation company and legal translation services company.


All of our professional translators are professional and innovative. They are proficient in translating not only general documents, but they also have expertise in their own industry with more technical or complex documents. Those documents require a deeper knowledge of a particular industry, industry specific terminology; complex theories and quantitative expressions present a considerable challenge to the translators.


We particularly appreciate their expertise with technical terms and the subtleties of regional language differences. The staff are always open to accommodating specific requirements. I highly recommend ATW. Thank you for the translated Korean and Japanese. The client has passed it on to their agency to read through and they remarked that it was flawless!! I love that. So, good job. Thanks!

I know that I receive conscientiously produced quality work from you, far above the average standard.With this translation, you have surpassed yourself. Truly masterful and under time pressure, many thanks for the fast completion of our text. You have left a very good impression. Thank you also for pointing out the mistakes in the Hong Kong text.