Cultural Adaptation

Brand Evaluation in Asia

Brand evaluation is vital to the success of the brand. It enables brand owners to see where the brand’s strengths and weaknesses lie and what forces are driving these, which in turn points to the nature and level of investment needed to fulfill the brand’s potential. Measuring brand performance is an integral part of brand management. It has its own guide here partly to emphasize its importance and partly to distinguish it from the continuous process as outlined in “The financial value of a brand is not interesting on its own; it’s what we can do to grow it that makes it interesting. The process of benchmarking a brand’s value involves understanding where that brand value comes from and supporting those areas to grow the strength of the brand.”

ATW can linguistically evaluate our client’s brand in their target languages. Our native experts will combine all the factors that will affect the meaning and spirit of the brand name, including evaluating the pronunciations in native languages, evaluating the meaning according to local customs, researching products with similar names, and submitting our recommendations.

During this process, we pay special attention on some of the criteria as the followings:

  • Is this product/brand name easy to pronounce? If not, why?
  • Does this product/brand name remind you of any existing product, service or company?
  • Are there similar words of this product/brand name in your language?
  • What are the associations or connotations of this product/brand name?
brand evaluatoin